Bollywood Summer V: Indian dance returns to Madrid to raise awareness about the situation of women in India

How is the life of a young woman in India? When is she supposed to get married? What obstacles does she have to face if she wants to study or go out with her friends? Bollywood Summer V is back in Madrid with the purpose of raising awareness about the situation of women in India through colorful and energetic Bollywood dances. The festival will take place on Saturday, June 0 at 7 pm at Círculo Catalán Theater (Plaza de España, 6).

All proceeds will go to an NGO that offers training, help and work to women at risk of social exclusion in Varanasi (India), through a fair-trade clothing workshop. Tickets are on sale at

The festival will take us on a journey around India to show you about the lives of millions of women and girls who dream of being free, studying, traveling, having friends and doing simple things as learning to dance. Their situation is not easy. But the Indian dance, with its colorful rhythms of joy, gives them the strength to keep going and teaches them that the world can change if you fight for what you believe. Through Bollywood, we will discover the small and big obstacles that any girl or woman in India must go through on the mere fact of being born a female. And the great strides that many brave young women are taking to overcome those barriers and obstacles!

Our Vision

Bollywood Summer V will feature five Indian dance groups from Madrid: Dhaliwood, Espacio India: students of Vinatha Sreeramkumar, students of Jasvinder Singh, Bollywood Revolution and Dostana. Different Indian dance styles such as Bollywood, Bhangra and Dallywood will fill the stage with rhythm and color. They will put all their energy and enthusiasm on stage to show that there is difficulty in resisting the joy and color of the rhythms of India. In addition, the festival will have several surprises for the public to return home with – a smile that will remain for days.

This is the fifth edition of the solidarity festival organized by the cultural association Dostana and Bollywood Revolution groups, in collaboration with Viajes Solidarios Tumaini. Since 2014, the festival has been a great success and filled Madrid with color, exoticism and solidarity. In previous editions, the event has raised funds for social projects such as: an orphanage in Kenya, a mobile children’s library in India or humanitarian aid for refugees in Greece.

Our Mission: We dance for a small NGO that empowers women in Varanasi

The full revenue of Bollywood Summer V will go to Ganga Learning School, a small NGO from Varanasi, which collaborates with Viajes Solidarios Tumaini, and aims to empower women at risk of exclusion. In particular, it offers training and work in a fair-trade workshop to low-caste women with limited resources. They make clothes and accessories that are sold in a store in the tourist center of the city. While they work, their sons and daughters attend a small school where they are taught yoga, math, english and, of course, bollywood! The project allows these women to have decent work and economic independence.

More information: Date & Time

  • When: Saturday, June 30 at 19:00 pm.
  • Location: Teatro Círculo Catalán, Plaza España 6, Metro: Pza España, Madrid.
  • Price: 6€ (the full revenue will go to the NGO Ganga Learning School through the Tumaini Association
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